Alexandar Massage Clinic & Day Spa - Tacoma, WA
Alexandar Massage Clinic & Day Spa - Tacoma, WA
Providing Therapeutic Massage and Day Spa Treatments in Tacoma, Washington since 1979. Senior, Military & Veteran discounts available. Alexandar Massage Clinic & Day Spa is a locally owned, woman-led business.

Tacoma / washington

Alexandar Massage Clinic


An Inviting Escape

Located in charming early 19oo’s buildings, Alexandar Massage Clinic and Day Spa has been a part of the Tacoma, WA landscape since 1979. We offer Massage and Spa Treatments from instructors and graduates of Alexandar Massage School or discounted Massage and Spa Treatments by supervised students of the Alexandar Massage Program.


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4026 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98418

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